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Bust Your Stress Fast

Your ability to feel calm in the face of any source of stress rests on a tiny quarter-sized spot in your brain’s left cortex. Use this audio collection to turn on this important brain center. This collection of brainwave audios will literally train your brain to melt down your stress so you can take positive action. Come read more and review this amazing collection of specially engineered brain training. Read More Here!

Pain Relief

This Brainwave training is a proven way to create actual changes in your brain’s physical structure. This is known as “neuroplasticity, and the implications for pain relief are immense. If you replace a pain-related thought focus, your brain will begin to unplug the connected “pain” neural circuitry. This is how people learn to manage their pain – effectively dialing it lower and lower until the pain neural circuitry has been replaced. Read More Here!

selfrealizationSelf Realization

This collection is unique in its use of spoken guided visualization by Dr. Jill. The audios use mental imagery to create a compelling subconscious vision of your desired outcome. This method is widely used by elite athletes, top executives, and others who wish to achieve a goal or desired outcome. The goal is to create a mental sensory experience of the sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch of the desired outcome.  Click Here!

Build Money Mind Power

Looking for a solution to money challenges? Deep in your mind, your past history is directing all of your current thoughts and actions related to your financial situation. The lasting solution to money challenges is to re-program your mind to SUPPORT your goals. Fail to re-program your mind, and we just get more of the same financial challenges you are wrestling with today. Here are some brainwave tools to get you centered. Read More Here!

Ensure Healthy Longevity

There’s more to healthy longevity than physical exercise and a healthy diet. The deeper issues are maintaining mental agility and human growth hormone (HGH) production. HGH is naturally produced by our brain, but production tapers off as we passage 30. Decreased HgH leads to skin aging, weakened bones, lessened sexual performance, and a less reliable immune system. Read More Here!


Power Nap10 Minute Super Power Nap MP3

Want to instantly boost your mental edge, memory, creativity, and level of energy? Many brilliant people like Albert Einstein take brief afternoon power naps. Can’t nap at work?


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