Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap: Amaze Yourself Audio Training Collection

You could spend 10 years in an ashram in India and meditate several times a day. And yes, you might eventually achieve the high states of consciousness of Tibetan monks and long-time meditators. But there’s a faster way to take an instant quantum leap into a higher level of awareness and consciousness. The secret lies in what’s happening in your brain!

The “Quantum Leap: Higher States” brainwave collection includes the below four unique brainwave training downloadable MP3 audios specially engineered by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, 45-year brain/mind researcher and pioneer mind power trainer.

Our audio collections are constantly expanding, so come visit often. Our audios are ALL stereo-quality MP3s, so you can download them and listen on your computer or another listening device. They are NOT CDs. But you can make your own CD using your computer once you have downloaded the MP3.

Audio 1. Experience Whole Brain Thinking

Very few people have a natural balance between the two hemispheres or sides of their cortex. But this is critically important to developing *whole-brain* thinking capabilities.

You can use the *Quick Balance* MP3 in this collection to balance the two sides of your cortex and develop “whole-brain” thinking.

This audio is a FREE GIFT to buyers of this collection. The playful combination of left and right brain South Pacific musical sounds have been engineered to produce emotion-lifting SMR/Beta brainwaves and to naturally balance the two sides of your brain.

You will likely experience a feeling of well-being or buoyancy during and after listening to this MP3, as it is mildly stimulating much like a cup of coffee or tea but without the caffeine.

We recommend this 5-minute audio like a great daily mental exercise. It can be replayed for a longer period of several times a day, but not close to bedtime. (Value $10.95)

Audio 2. Develop Laser Clear Mental Focus

With the levels of stress today, very few people experience calm mental focus. But this is a major key to have a sharper mind. You can use the *Deep Reflection* MP3 audio brainwave training collection to quickly refine your mental focus, regardless of the stress you are under.

This 15-minute audio specifically encourages your brain to establish and maintain laser clear mental focus and the accompanying deep insight. There is evidence that the mental state created by this unique combination of low Alpha/high Theta brainwaves also reduces both your blood pressure and excess stress, both important to maintain clear mental focus.

You will find over time that listening to this brainwave audio also reduces your need for excess sleep. Headphones are recommended for the best results. (Value $12.95)

Audio 3. Achieve a Mental Quantum Leap

Creative brainstorming requires relaxing your analytical mind while your brain makes the random neural connections needed to access to *beyond consciousness”*insights.

You can use the *Brain Storm* MP3 to experience a quantum leap in brainstorming. This unique training session opens the gateway between your Alpha and Theta brainwaves. You are then more receptive to deep spontaneous creative breakthroughs.

The session ends with a *balanced Beta/SMR* boost to help your new ideas and insights surface into balanced low Beta brainwaves for analysis. Be sure to wear your stereo headphones. (Value $12.95)

Audio 4. Enter the Zone

You have heard how musicians lose a sense of time while playing their music, athletes go into a timeless trance to mentally rehearse their sport, or an inventor or business person just spontaneously *stumbles upon* a brilliant idea while deeply relaxed.

This is not an accident or luck. These people have focused in a brainwave frequency known as *The Zone.* You can use the *Enter the Zone*MP3 to have this experience yourself.

Being in the zone is one of the most enjoyable and creative super-conscious experiences possible. It has the potential to immediately improve the quality of your entire life.

This advanced brainwave training is a specially engineered mix of Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwave generators. You can increase the positive effects by gently focusing on a point just between your eyebrows with your eyes closed. Headphones are strongly recommended for the best results. (Value $12.95)


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