How Brainwave Training Audios Work


Our downloadable audios have been specially engineered as stereo-quality MP3s you can download, then play on your computer or other mobile device.

Unlike most brainwave audios available online, they are based on over 45 years of EEG research and clinical experience. They are not meant for casual listening, but as a method of training yourself from the brain-out to create the mental states associated with your desired experience or mental state.

The sounds on these audios are not intended to sound like music. What may sound like static or sound overlays, or different sounds in each ear, are NOT accidental. These sounds have been combined to both entrain and train your brain to learn create these frequencies on its own over time.

A complete User’s Guide to brainwave training will be provided to you after your purchase.

Our audio Collection:

Pineal Gland-Third Eye
Amaze-Quantum Leap
Higher States
Lifestyle Collection


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