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  1. Huna methods are often taught at the Nine Gates Mystery School in California. You can inquire here.


  2. An interesting video on how it feels when you open your third eye:
  3. A description and access to the “Third Eye Audio Brainwave Training Collection” is located here.


  4. If you’re not familiar with the Om or Aum sound, here’s a free audio you can listen to or download.
  5. Shri Anandi Ma can be contacted at the Antioch, California Dhyanyogi Center. She also travels regularly throughout the USA, India and Europe offering meditation programs and Shaktipat Initiation to sincere seekers. In addition she offers periodic workshops and retreats during which she personally instructs students in ancient yogic practices and techniques only passed down from teacher to student. The center’s website.
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A 9-minute video of the results of third eye opening through meditation. View it here!

ABC Science Online, 12 July 2006. Read more here!

Additional information about Huna symbols can be found here.

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Tapping expert Carol Tuttle on tapping your third eye chakra.

Tapping to clear your chakras – a good video and ebook.



Third eye yantra

Indigo and violet colors

associated with the 3rd eye chakra