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Our audios are both downloadable stereo-quality MPs, PLUS all CD collections that are shipped directly to you by Amazon. Click any of the below links to see what is available.

GUIDED MEDITATION CD: A Long-Proven Deep Relaxation Method

How Meditation Rewires Your Brain. Meditation can literally rewire your brain for happiness, peace, and success. A deep, serene calm and peace will begin to fill your life. Here are some of the benefits of meditation based on actual controlled studies: Increases well-being. Want to fill your life with happiness and energy? Meditation increases your psychological functions and improves your sense of well-being. Learn more here!

BE MORE CREATIVE CD: Tools to Create a Magic Future

This unique collection includes brainwave audios that create actual changes in your brain. As you listen your brain goes through neuroplasticity – actual changes to its natural structure. The implications for creativity are immense, as you are training your brain to approach life in a more creative manner. Read More Here!

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN CD: Success Starts Here

Want more success in your life? These audios will literally shake your brain out of its usual pattern and move you into very special creativity. Trains your brain to be more wildly flexible, responsive, and radically creative.
Read More Here!

ESP CD: Expand Your Psychic Consciousness

Have you thought of a friend, then they call you a few minutes later? Some scientists claim 85% of us have extrasensory perception. This collection reaches deep into your mind and sets the stage to develop and refine your inherent psychic abilities. Read More Here!

SLEEP BETTER CD: Train Your Brain to Solve Sleep Problems

Do you toss and turn at night? Wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep? Or perhaps pain keeps you awake? There truly is an answer, and it is not drug dependency. People who meditate have better sleep quality. And yoga and progressive relaxation also promote good sleep. But so what! If you have pain or restless sleep habits, your mental health is suffering. Read More Here!


New thought patterns cause actual changes in your physical brain. This is known as “neuroplasticity,” and has immense implications for pain relief. Biofeedback training to help release repeating pain thought patterns – your brain then “unplugs” the neural circuitry carrying pain messages and creates new neural pathways in its place. This is the basis of both personal transformation and healing. Learn more here! ***

BE PAIN-FREE CD: A Revolutionary Way to Stop Chronic Pain

Creates actual changes in your brain’s physical structure. This is known as neuroplasticity, and the implications for self-controlled pain relief are immense. Train your brain to eliminate the neural pathways that deliver the sensation of pain. Can’t be pain-free work?

GO BEYOND DREAMS: Guided Relaxation to Achieve Your Dreams

This collection is unique in its use of only spoken guided visualization by Dr. Jill. Uses mental imagery to create a compelling subconscious vision of your desired outcome. This method is widely used by elite athletes, top executives, and others who wish to achieve the desired outcome. Create a mental sensory experience of the sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch of your desired outcome.

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