GO Beyond Dreams CD

GO BEYOND DREAMS: Guided Relaxation to Achieve Your Dreams

This collection is unique in its use of only spoken guided visualization by Dr. Jill. Uses mental imagery to create a compelling subconscious vision of your desired outcome. This method is widely used by elite athletes, top executives and others who wish to achieve a desired outcome. Create a mental sensory experience of the sound, sight, smell, taste and touch of your desired outcome.

Audio 1. Calm Within.

A spoken, deeply relaxing audio by Dr. Jill. Asks you to identify your deepest desires.

Audio 2. Deep Relaxation.

Guides you into a deep relaxation where you can plan your desired future.

Audio 3. Dream Request/Breakthrough Thinking.

Spoken messages backed by flute and tabla. Encourages deep thoughts and visions.

Audio 4. Inner Guide.

Takes you into a space to communicate with your higher self. Tibetan singing bowl background.

Audio 5. Island Escape.

Guided visualization takes you to a tropical island to create a vision of your desired new lifestyle.


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